Starting Line

Choose the race event you would like to attend and then provide us with the following information:

- Your travel dates.

- The city you are flying from.

- The accommodation type you prefer (such as a hotel or BnB) as well as the preferred star rating of the establishment.

- Race ticket option - General Admission or VIP Hospitality.

We will then get to work and you will receive a quote within 72 hours of your confirmed communication to us.

Once you receive your package options, we urge you to make a decision and deposit within 7 - 10 working days due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Hotel availability will also become an issue the longer you wait.

Flight and hotel reservations will then be mailed through to you.

Kindly note that due to event policy, your race tickets will only arrive roughly 2 weeks prior to the actual event. You will however receive confirmation that the tickets have been purchased.


Please be advised that we DO NOT handle visas or travel insurance.


Keep the following in mind 

Based on the location and dates you choose in Europe, it is possible to do a double header.  Experience two race weekends within a week of each other, and spend the time in between those rounds doing some sight seeing. 


While in Europe you could also consider a once in a lifetime lap around the Nurburgring, otherwise known as the Nordschleife.

For any motorsport enthusiast this is a must see and do in your lifetime. It is the ultimate lap!

Experience the thrill of driving around one of the world's most iconic tracks, either in a hired race rental car or with a professional driver in a high performance vehicle.


 Located in the heart of Germany you can easily add this option to your European Mototrip.

Finish Line

Upon receiving your race tickets, we will either email or courier your race pack to you.

This pack includes a detailed itinerary complete with flight and hotel confirmations, area and track maps with recommended viewing points and of course your race tickets.


Then it's up to you to go and enjoy!